Monday, 18 Mar 2019
Beretta APX Review

Beretta APX Slickguns Review

The Beretta APX is the world’s oldest gun company’s newest pistol platform, meant to fight with service handguns from the world over in the most important battle of all: the battle for your money. How does it stand up to

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ETS Enters the MP5 Market

ETS Enters the MP5 Market

The MP5 market, in general, is growing, and growing fast. Companies like Zenith pushed the MP5 market open, and now we are seeing models from Palmetto State Armory, PTR, and HK. As one market grows, so do others. The magazine

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Leupold D-EVO: Bifocals for Your Carbine

In theory, 1-6X variable power optics appear to be an ideal choice for 14½- to 16-inch barreled 5.56/7.62 carbines and have continued to gain popularity as more models have become available. The 1X setting provides quick close-range capability, while the

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