NYC Office of Gun Violence Prevention: 2020 Surge in Shootings and Murders is Due to Racism

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According to Chapman’s piece, citing the analysis of the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice, “the racial breakdown of shooting victims follows patterns in previous years.” That would mean that the increase of nearly 1000 shooting victims over last year includes something like 950 blacks and Hispanics; and the increase of 123 murder victims over last year includes about 118 blacks and Hispanics. Considering that New York City contains less than 3% of the nation’s population, these are rather startlingly large numbers.

Chapman’s piece is securely buried on page A10A of today’s print edition, and in a “Greater New York” section that is only distributed regionally. Hey, the news of nearly 2000 black and Hispanic shooting victims, and about 400 black and Hispanic murder victims, all killed in our local area this year, is not nearly so important as the death of one black man in Minneapolis. That one death occupied the front pages for weeks on end.

What is the reaction of the de Blasio administration to this ongoing catastrophe? Chapman goes to one Jessica Mofield, identified as “executive director of New York City’s Office to Prevent Gun Violence.” In other words, this is the person whose specific responsibility was to prevent the catastrophe that has occurred. Here is her reaction:

[Ms. Mofield] said a range of factors related to poverty and racism have made poor and minority neighborhoods particularly vulnerable to gun violence during the coronavirus pandemic. . . . Ms. Mofield said access to health care, education and jobs should be provided in low-income communities as a preventive measure to stop gun violence.

Yes, it’s racism! Undoubtedly, your racism.

— Francis Menton in Do Black Lives Really Matter? Latest New York City Crime Statistics

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