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Nighthawk Custom Agent 2 1911 – First Look Video

Nighthawk Custom Agent 2 1911 – First Look Video

The first thing on the chopping block is a gun that I had shown you guys out at Shot Show; I was super excited to actually see and get this thing in my hands, and that is the Agency Arms – Nighthawk Custom collaboration: the Agent 2. The Nighthawk Agent 2 was created under the “one gun, one gunsmith” mentality, meaning there is gunsmith craftsmanship combined with modern machining techniques. This Agent 2 1911 is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with the 1911 when it comes to form and functionality. The gun is built on a forge government frame with a lightened recon rail, a slide with Agency’s signature front and rear cocking serrations, as well as the infamous window cuts; And of course a match grade, semi-crowned, flush cut barrel which comes in both .9, and .45. Looking at the piece some might think it was machined from a solid chunk of steel. There’s custom machining everywhere your hands touch the firearm: the front strap, back strap, and of course all of the controls. There’s a black ledge rear sight with a Nighthawk fiber optic front sight, giving the picture some nice contrast. The frame is fitted with G10 grips, holds a 10 round single stack mag, and of course, has a custom trigger using the expertise from both Nighthawk and Agency.

So that is a brief overview of this thing, I’m not going to get into the price just yet but as you can imagine it’s pretty damn expensive. This Agent 2 is one of the most expensive guns that I will ever shoot in a long time. I’m going to put the first mag through this thing, and I will come back and give you guys my first impression.

Alright, first mag impressions: there’s a lot to say about this thing, so I’m just going to start from the top down. The sights are very nice, this is probably one of my favorite sight combination on any gun, whether it’s striker fired, hammer fired, 1911 polymer; I like a serrated blacked out rear sight, with the red fiber optic front like this. It picks up light really good in pretty much all situations. And this front sight post specifically is slim, so even at a pretty good distance, I don’t think you’re going to have any problem with this covering up a target about the size of a torso.

The serrations on this thing are exactly what I would expect out of Agency, out of all of the different custom machined guns that I’ve shot, Agency always tends to be my favorite. It’s a little difficult to see but they’re all cut at what looks like to be a 45-degree angle, it’s got them up front, and in the rear, I tend to press check guns all the time. I believe all guns should come with front serrations, a lot of them are nowadays, and 1911s are no exception to that. If I were ever to buy a 1911 I would want something at least similar to this up front.

I don’t have a whole lot to say about the barrel or how the gun shoots as of yet, I want to put some more rounds through it before I give you that impression but I can say it shoots flat, as you would expect. For a 1911 you have a lot of weight moving around there, but with the lightened slide, window cuts, all the serrations, and just a solid chunk of steel, it’s obviously really manageable and it’s a lighter slide than you would find on any off the shelf 1911.

I’m not exactly sure the name of the coating that they put over this whole gun but I have to say I’m a big fan of it. It almost feels like some like nitride but it’s not completely flat or matte, and it’s not glossy, but it definitely won’t be catching any fingerprints, and I mean look at this thing, I’m just a huge fan of the aesthetics.

The trigger on this thing is great as you would expect. The grip felt good in my hand as well; I’m a big fan of 1911 grip angles. I prefer the grip angle like on a polymer 80 frame as opposed to a regular standard Glock frame, so this feels right at home. The G10 grips are nice as well, they’re not too bulky, so I feel more comfortable with this in my hand as opposed to the chunkier grips on the Nighthawk Recon, which I can show you guys a little bit later. The texturing all around this thing does look aggressive, but it’s not that bad. I’m wearing gloves right now obviously because it’s cold, though when I’m shooting with my gloves off it’s not overly aggressive that it’s like tearing at your skin. I think it’s just super well executed and for the price, it better be executed pretty damn well. So I’m going to shoot the hell out of this thing, maybe everyone else is going to shoot it too, throw in some clips of that, and then I will come back with my final impressions.

This thing is by no means a target gun, but we have to try a little bit of a distance. Not too shabby. I’m at well over 100 yards right now. Alright and I’m back for my final impressions of the Nighthawk Custom – Agency Arms collaboration, the Agent 2. We have about 150 rounds through this thing collectively, I wish I had time to shoot a little bit more, but we got a lot more stuff to film today, so this is just a first impression video.

I’m going to start off with the sights again, I initially said I did like these, however, there is one complaint: if you’re looking to shoot very accurately, these are not target sights. The rear has a really wide channel, and the front sight post is slim. So what that does is give you room to wiggle around in there. It does have a long sight radius, making this thing seem even a little bit smaller when it’s in there. Here’s an idea of what I’m talking about: as you can see it kind of can move around in there, so if you’re shooting close combat fighting style situations, these sights would be ideal for that. However, once you go out like past 50 yards or so, you can be accurate with this thing, but you have to be more conscious of where your front sight post is as it falls in the rear.

So for how this thing shoots, all of the controls are accessible from just one-handed controls. A lot of time you’ll pick up a 1911, and you won’t be able to reach the slide release with your thumb; however this is no issue at all. In some other cases where the slide locks back it’s best practice to slam in your next mag and hit it with your support hand thumb, however, this I can do it all with one hand. The trigger is a relatively flat shoe with a little hook on the bottom, and as you would expect, the trigger is very, very nice. Here’s a look at the take-up to the wall, as you can see it’s almost like you’re pressing a button on a remote controller, and then you’re right at the wall for a crisp, clean break. I don’t have a trigger gage with me, but if I had to guess, I would say it’s like a 3, 3 and a half pound pull; and then there’s the reset. You have to be careful if you’re going to try to feel this, you have to let it out slowly. It’s tactile and audible; however, some of the guys who were shooting with gloves on said that it wasn’t that pronounced. The best way I could describe it is mechanical – obviously, it is mechanical; but it’s the first trigger that I’ve felt where the reset to me feels predictable. The tactile feeling on some striker fired pistols like Glocks; they kind of push your finger out further past the wall; this tactile feeling is just enough that it pushes your finger past the wall, but then you’re sitting right on the edge of it again. So I had no problems putting off a shot, feeling the reset, and then being right at the wall again for a follow-up shot.

The only other thing that I can talk about now is the price. What’s the price on this thing again? Oh my God, that’s so expensive. The retail price on the Agent 2 is a cool $4,600. I’m at a loss for words saying that a gun costs that much. It is a Nighthawk; it is an Agency, and then to buy a full frame 1911 like this, with all of this custom work done, I understand it, and the price, it’s justified. However, can you justify spending that much money on a gun like this? Can I justify it? Right now no, I can’t do it. That price point is just a little too rich for my blood right now, however, if I had the money and I was definitely in the market for a 1911, I think I would put up the money and buy an Agent 2, or something similar. The thing with this gun is you’re paying for not only the names that come along with it but the aesthetics, just the overall package in its entirety. The lines of the gun, the machining cuts, even like the Cerakote, or whatever the finish color that they have on here, everything adds to the price of it.

The thing is if you’re buying a gun for this much money, especially being that it is a 1911, you pay that price and you pay it once. You’re going to have this gun for a long, long time, pass it down to your son, your grandkids, this thing isn’t going anywhere. If you wanted to kinda piss off the 1911 purists, which this already does I’m sure, I’m sure there a ton of 1911 guys out there who are going: “Oh, that’s 9mm, should be .45”, “What the hell are those window cuts in the side of it?”. If you wanted to take it even a step further, you could also get it with an RMR cut on it, with no added cost. I mean if you’re spending that much money for a gun in the first place, I don’t think a couple extra hundred dollars are going to turn you off from buying it really. So back to the question: could I justify this? I’m going to say yes; I would buy this gun, however not right now. It’s marketed towards people like myself who like things. I would never carry this gun cause I know some people are going to ask. This Agent 2 is basically like an heirloom type of gun; this is something that I would buy, I would bring it out and shoot it every once in a while, other than that it would sit in my safe and be an investment. I would, you could pass it down to any of your kids in the future, and that’s where I think this gun serves a purpose.

So now I guess I’ll pass a question onto you guys: do you think this is justified? If you would pick up this gun would you get it in a .9 or a .45? Would you do an RMR cut on it? And, if you liked this, do you think that you’re going to go out and buy one?

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