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Magpul Expands Product Line to Eyewear

Magpul Expands Product Line to Eyewear

Magpul is a company plenty of people love to hate. Even among the haters, I’ve rarely ever heard someone say their gear is downright bad. My only beef is the sale of the Masada to Freedom Group. Magpul expands yearly, but they seem to grow slowly, and they never introduce products that suck. That’s why their introduction of eyewear has me optimistic. Magpul has done branched out of the gun world a time or two with iPhone cases, and have even done some branded clothing. However, this seems to be the first time they’ve ever done something designed for serious tactical use. These aren’t just sunglasses, but professional grade eye protection.

They are built to MILSPEC ballistic impact standards, ANSI Z87.1 high impact standards, and ANSI/ISEA Z87.1 industrial safety standards. It’s always nice to see new entries into the eye protection realm. When I was a Marine we were limited to ESS, Wiley X, and Oakley and none were what I’d call fashionable for off the range opportunities. I’m sure things have changed since then, but Magpul’s new line is actually straightforward and subdued. They don’t scream look at me, I have M frames.

There are three different lines, the Explorer, Terrain, and Summit. I personally like the Explorer, but I’m a tactical hipster, so I guess I’m biased. The Terrain and Summit are very similar, with the Terrain being a bit larger. Also looking at photos, the Magpul logo is tiny and subdued which I appreciate. I hate the banner ads a lot of companies put on their sunglasses.

The Magpul eyewear will come in both polarized and non-polarized options with a variety of different lens and frame colors. The lens colors include gray, blue mirror/rose, green/gray, rose, gold mirror/bronze, blue mirror/bronze, and bronze. Options are pretty expansive, and frame colors are black, grey, and turtle. Magpul is doing things the right way and not including white frames.

The Terrain and Summit are designed to function under helmets and with comm headsets comfortably. The designs are purpose driven but don’t look gaudy or expansive. The models could be worn with or without your MICH helmet and plate carrier.

Looking at Magpul’s website the price range is between $139 to $149. This seems to be the MSRP, but I’m sure we’ll be able to find them for below MSRP. If this glasses can slide in right around 100 to 120 dollars, they will be much cheaper than most of the high-end competition. Is this the start of something new for Magpul? Maybe, and hopefully, it does well. Magpul has put their money where their mouth is with gun rights, so I tend to stand behind them.

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