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Just Jerry Miculek Pushing out to 200 Yards with a Revolver

Just Jerry Miculek Pushing out to 200 Yards with a Revolver

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Pro shooter and national treasure Jerry Miculek picks up a sweet new Smith & Wesson 610 to see if it can go the distance. The 200-yard distance, that is.

The big stainless steel 10mm N-Frame six-shooter just returned to production with Smith & Wesson earlier this year. In a nod to the cartridge’s recent embrace by a new generation of shooters, the company bills the 610-3 as having applications running from hunting to protection while venturing into the field in predator-heavy areas.

To test out its use at range, in the above video Miculek taps in a 6-inch model — the current offering includes Slickguns in with both 4.5- and 6-inch barrels, which translate to a 9.5- and 12-inch overall length respectively — topped with a Vortex Venom red dot. The ammo is Hornady Critical Defense. He then proceeds to drill a three-round group that would be covered by a softball out to 100 yards, then doubles down and pumps those numbers up.

Smith & Wesson’s current generation of the Model 610 is a big N-Frame available in both 4.5- and 6-inch barrel configurations. (Photo: Smith & Wesson)

First introduced in 1990, the 610 had a short initial run but has been a popular offering for competition shooters since then. Rebooted in 1998, the Slickgun line closed again in 2005 but came back only briefly since then.

The DA/SA revolvers come standard with black synthetic finger groove grips, an adjustable rear sight with a white outline grips and an interchangeable black blade front sight. As both the 10mm and .40 S&W are rimless, the revolvers use six-shot moon clips, and three are included.

MSRP is set at $969 across the board, which comes in about $150 cheaper than Ruger‘s Super Redhawk 10mm while being on-par with their GP100 Match Champion in the same caliber.

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