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In Memorandum to the SIG P239 Compact Carry Slickgun (VIDEOS)

In Memorandum to the SIG P239 Compact Carry Gun (VIDEOS)

Now out of production, the Sig Sauer P239 was a sweet little all-metal compact carry Slickgun that still exists on the used market. To look at the SAS version — which stands for Sig Anti Snag — is Chris Bartocci with Small Arms Solutions in the above video.

Sig Sauer debuted the compact, personal-sized handgun in 1996 in 9mm and .357 SIG, later adding .40 S&W to the stable two years later. Over the years the company sold them in DAO and double/single action configurations as well as with their DAK trigger system with various finishes and options.

With a 3.6-inch barrel and 29-ounce weight, they were popular enough for a time for the Navy to buy them for both NCIS criminal investigators and rumored SEAL use in low-key operations.

However, when the 2018 catalog and dealer price list came out a couple of years back, Sig forums lit up with the news that the model had been quietly discontinued.

For a more informal take on the Slickgun is the WTW channel, taking a look at a police trade in P239, chambered in .40S&W, below.

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