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I Google Translated The Glock 45 Announcement So You Don’t Have To

I Google Translated The Glock 45 Announcement So You Don’t Have To

When the Glock 46 leak occurred almost exactly a year ago, I wondered aloud what the Glock 44 and 45 would be. We had suddenly jumped from a Glock 43 to the rotating-barrel Glock 46, which, by the way, we still haven’t seen in person. Well, now we know what the Glock 45 is – but I’m still wondering what the Glock 44 will be and why Glock is suddenly announcing products out of chronological order. Maybe they’ve taken a page from Instagram’s book.

Anyway, the Glock 45 appears to be a Glock 19X with front slide serrations and the standard Gen 5 black appearance instead of the G19X’s FDE. I don’t see night sights on the G45, and I can’t tell if the G19X’s lanyard loop is present on the G45. Wait, maybe the Glock 19X is actually the Glock 44? Would people have been more receptive of the G19X if it didn’t have G19 in the name? But, yet again, I digress.

With the help of Google Translate, I was able to tackle the rest of the text.

We’re also told the G45 has “verbesserte abzugs-charakteristik,” which, according to Google Translate, means “improved trigger characteristic.” Is this improved over the Gen 5 Glock, which was itself improved over earlier Glock triggers?

The poster tells us it has a “Match Grade” (in English) “lauf,” which translates to “run,” but I’m going to go ahead and assume it’s referring to the barrel, because that’s what the arrow next to the caption is pointing to. Below that, we’re promised “increased precision.” Again, increased over the Gen 5, which had the “Marksman Barrel” offering the ability to shoot smaller groups than an older Glock? Or is this the same “Marksman” barrel as the Gen 5/G19X?

The rest of the features appear to be directly carried over from the Gen 5, including “beidseitiger verschlussfanghebel” (Double-Sided Catch Catch, according to Google – yes, “Catch Catch”), “keine fingerrillen” (No Finger Grooves), “magazinzubringer in orange” (Magazines Contributor in Orange, and I’m pretty sure we’d call a “magazines contributor” a “follower”), and “nDLC Finish” (nDLC Finish, in case you were wondering), with the sub-caption “oberflachenbehandlung fur lauf und verschluss” (Surface Treatment for Running and Closing, but I think that actually means Surface Treatment for Barrel and Slide).

In case you were wondering what that paragraph at the top says, it’s “Die G45 in 9×19 kombiniert, wie die speziell für militärische Anforderungen entwickelte G19X, den kompakten Verschluss einer G19 mit dem Full Size Griffstuck einer G17. Die G45 uberzeugt durch die Merkmale eines Gen5 Pistolenmodells und das bewahrte GLOCK Safe Action System. Mehr Informationen finded Sie auf www.glock.com.” This, translated by Google, reads “The G45 in 9×19, like the G19X, which was specially developed for military requirements, combines the compact closure (slide?) of a G19 with the full-size grip of a G17. The G45 impresses with the features of a Gen5 pistol model and the well-proven GLOCK Safe Action System. More information can be found at www.glock.com.”

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