Tuesday, 26 Mar 2019

HK Wants You to Push Their Buttons with the VP9-B

HK Wants You to Push Their Buttons with the VP9-B

Although we wrote about a push button mag release VP9 last year, it’s taken 18 months for the pistols to be ready for consumer release. The VP9SK was announced and launched at that time, March of 2017, and quickly became one of the more popular subcompact double stack pistols among a crowded field of new arrivals. We have yet to see, however, the VP9 Maritime, VP9 Optics Ready and VP9L variants we were promised way back when.

The push button mag release version might win over a few more fans to HK, but most people I’ve spoken to don’t seem to mind the paddle mag release as much as they thought they would. I’m partial to them, although the vast majority of my experience is with pistols that have a standard button mag release.

HK’s new button mag release for the VP9 is reversible; no word yet on whether the mags interchange between paddle and button mag versions. I would be surprised if they did not, because having multiple VP9s of both types could lead to problems if you accidentally mixed up nearly identical magazines, but we’ll have to wait until we get our hands on one to find out.

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