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Heritage Manufacturing has added a new compact rimfire revolver to their line of small bore wheelguns. The new model is dubbed Barkeep. I assume it has a special significance for the company as this little six shooter has a dedicated website aside from being listed on Heritage Manufacturing’s website. Let’s see what features the Heritage Manufacturing Barkeep revolver packs.

Heritage Manufacturing Barkeep revolver comes standard with a six-round .22 LR cylinder, however, it can be retrofitted with a .22 WMR cylinder (sold separately), too. The ejection of spent cases is done by a separate ejector rod which is included with the gun. The revolver has a fixed front sight and a notch rear sight. Like other small bore Heritage Manufacturing revolvers, this one also has a manual safety located on the left side of the frame, behind the recoil shield. The action is a classic single action only (SAO). The 2.68″ barrel has a 1:10″ twist rate. The Barkeep revolver weighs in at 35.5 oz and has the following dimensions: length – 7.95″, width – 1.5″, height – 4.86″.

The Heritage Manufacturing Barkeep revolver is available in two versions: Barkeep Gray Pearl and Barkeep Custom Scroll Wood. The model names indicate the main difference between the two – the grip material and design. Other than the grips, the only difference between the two models of Barkeep revolver is the frame finish. The Barkeep Gray Pearl has a black oxide frame finish whereas the wood gripped model has a simulated case hardened finish. The cylinders of both models come with a black oxide finish.

Heritage Manufacturing Barkeep Gray Pearl and Custom Scroll Wood revolvers are listed on the company’s website at MSRPs of $189.39 and $180.30 respectively. The six-shot .22 WMR cylinders cost $29.99.

For those of you who are in the market for a budget rimfire wheelgun, tell us in the comments section what do you think about this new revolver.

Pictures by Heritage Manufacturing, Inc., www.heritagemfg.com

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