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Here Are 19 New Handgun Loads for Handling Any Mission

Handgun loads

handgun loads, Allegiance Power Strike
handgun loads, Ammo Inc. Streak
handgun loads, Black Hills Honey Badger
handgun loads, Browning BPTs & FMJs
handgun loads, Dark Horse Precision Frangible
handgun loads, Federal Hydra-Shok Deep
handgun loads, Federal Syntech Action Pistol
handgun loads, Federal Train + Protect
handgun loads, Fort Scott Munitions Blue Line Bears
handgun loads, Freedom Munitions X-DEF & HUSH
handgun loads, Hornady Critical Duty
handgun loads, NovX ARX & RNP
handgun loads, Remington Golden Saber Black Belt
handgun loads, Remington Performance Wheelgun
handgun loads, Speer 10mm Gold Dot
handgun loads, Winchester Hybrid-X
handgun loads, Winchester Super Suppressed
handgun loads, Winchester WWII Victory Series

This is the year of ammunition. The Great Ammo Famine is over, and prices are coming down. Better yet, every major ammunition manufacturer introduced numerous new handgun loads in 2018, and many small ammo companies either came out with new loads or made their first appearance. The net result is that today’s shooters are very fortunate indeed. There’s a load tailored to just about every imaginable need, be it self-defense, law enforcement, hunting, competition or just plain plinking.

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For more information about the handgun loads featured in the gallery, please visit:

Aguila 9mm JHP

Allegiance Power Strike

Ammo Inc. Streak

Black Hills Honey Badger

Browning BPTs & FMJs

Dark Horse Precision Frangible

Federal Hydra-Shok Deep

Federal Syntech Action Pistol

Federal Train + Protect

Fort Scott Munitions Blue Line Bears

Freedom Munitions X-DEF & HUSH

Hornady Critical Duty


Remington Golden Saber Black Belt

Remington Performance Wheelgun

Speer 10mm Gold Dot

Winchester Hybrid-X

Winchester Super Suppressed

Winchester WWII Victory Series

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