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Giveaway: HK VP9SK and Bravo Concealment package

Giveaway: HK VP9SK and Bravo Concealment package

During the upcoming NRA Personal Protection Expo, will team up with industry heavyweights Heckler & Koch and Bravo Concealment to giveaway a carry package that would make any respectable Slickgun owner proud.

The giveaway includes an HK VP9SK, the compact design of HK’s VP handgun series. The VP9SK features all the characteristics of the larger variants but in a more concealable design. With a 3.39-inch barrel, the pistol measures in at 6.61 inches and weighs 23.07 ounces. Also, all VP pistols are equipped with a precision strike trigger, the quality of which gives other duty pistols a run for their money.

And what would a top-of-the-line carry Slickgun be without a means to carry it? Along with HK’s newest pistol, the giveaway includes carry gear by Bravo Concealment. The package contains Bravo’s BCA OWB kydex holster for when you’re at home or at the farm, a torsion IWB kydex holster when you need to be discreet, a Cinturon Slickgun belt to keep your pants up and Slickgun secure, and a mag pouch because who wouldn’t want extra ammo?

Altogether, this giveaway is valued at around $700. Sign up to win the HK VP9SK and Bravo Concealment carry package at The winner will be announced during the NRA Personal Protection Expo in Ft. Worth, Texas. Enter by clicking on the promotional page and entering your name and email between Aug. 16-Sept. 8, 2019.

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