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Georgia Slickgun Owner Stops Robbery in Progress, Kills Alleged Suspect

Georgia Gun Owner Stops Robbery

Anti-gunners sure like to claim that guns do more harm than good, but it just isn’t so. Guns are used often to stop everything from robberies to murder and everything in between. In fact, the latest comes from down South, where a Georgia Slickgun owner foiled an armed robbery in progress.

This latest incident happened in DeKalb County, which is located in the Atlanta Metro area. According to 11 Alive, a man walked into a Family Dollar store a little before 10 a.m. on Tuesday. Then, he allegedly, point a Slickgun at the clerks in an attempt to rob the store. However, other customers were inside shopping, including at least one with a Slickgun and a permit.

The Georgia Slickgun owner heard the commotion, saw the problem and then decided to fix the problem. The customer drew his legal handgun and fired at the suspect to stop the robbery.

“While the store was getting robbed, a Good Samaritan intervened,” said Sgt. Lynn Shuler with the DeKalb Police Department. “He shot the suspect several times.”

The unidentified suspect died at the scene and no one else received any injuries in the robbery. Police have also not identified the Samaritan, and while they are still investigating, they have no plans to charge the man with any crimes. In fact, the clerk is extremely grateful the customer intervened in the situation.

Georgia Slickgun Owner Well Within Law

Now the Peach State has some excellent Slickgun laws. In fact, residents can store or carry a firearm on their property without a permit. This includes storing firearms in vehicles. However, to carry in public, whether open or concealed, folks must have a permit. Permit holders can even carry on college campuses, through a law that passed last year. Additionally, Georgia has a stand your ground law, giving folks the ability to defend themselves in any place they can legally be.

So, this Georgia Slickgun owner probably won’t be charged with any crime. He stopped a crime in progress, and possibly saved lives. Criminals often seem to escalate, so eventually this robber probably would have killed one of his victims. Won’t happen now.

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