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First Look: Ruger Makes a Glock 19 – The Ruger Security-9

First Look: Ruger Makes a Glock 19  – The Ruger Security-9

The Ruger Security-9

If you were to look at the Ruger Security-9 in a store display, and that pistol was on a shelf between Glocks and S&Ws and Sigs, you might think the only impressive feature about the Security-9 is the price. You might even think that, because it’s not a Glock or S&W or Sig Sauer or insert-your-favorite-manufacturer-here, it wouldn’t be worth your time.

Well, I’m here to say that you could be wrong. The Security-9 is the same size as a Glock 19, but with an arguably better trigger and an indisputably better price. No, it doesn’t have the aftermarket support of the G19 (what pistol, including anything else from Glock, does?), nor has it been proven like the G19. Out of the box, though, I shot it as well or better than I’ve shot any Glock 19.

When I say it’s the same size, I mean it has a 4” barrel and a height of 5”, but the similarities don’t end there. According to manufacturer specs, the pistols weigh within 0.07 ounces of one another. They have identical 1.02” slide widths. Magazine capacities are, of course, identical at 15 rounds (10 rounds for the restricted model I was sent for Slickguns Review). Even the sights, with a white dot front and rear white U, are reminiscent of the Glock 19.

It looks a lot like Ruger finally decided to make a Glock 19-sized pistol

It looks a lot like Ruger finally decided to make a Glock 19-sized pistol, though unlike many Ruger firearms of yore, this is no copy or clone or re-engineered version of another pistol – at least, it’s not a copy of a Glock 19. It’s amazing to me how the two pistols can be, for all practical purposes, dimensionally identical and yet so different in design. Nearly full-length frame rails, for example, and a removable takedown pin are clear indicators that this is a different design on the inside. One look at the outside tells you it’s different there, too, but looks can be deceiving.

Despite the title I gave this article, I’m not convinced that the Security-9 is intended to compete with the Glock 19 on an ultimate reliability level, though. Although I’ve encountered no problems with the pistol, elements of its design lead me to believe that it’s meant as a home defense and concealed carry pistol only. One factor that was pointed out to me by a gunsmith friend was the light weight of the hammer and the heavy weight of the firing pin spring. Yes, a hammer – it’s not a striker fired pistol, again setting itself apart from the G19.

One more obvious difference between the G19 and the Security-9 is that Ruger decided to include a manual safety on its pistol. It’s a very tiny manual safety and it’s inexplicably easier to activate and deactivate at the smooth back end of the safety lever, not the serrated front, but it is a safety. I don’t think I like it very much because it is so small and difficult to flip, but it’s there. By the way, a removable takedown pin? What is this, 1911?


The trigger is quite smooth and crisp, and ten years ago, I would have told you it was not possible for a major manufacturer to sell a pistol under $500 with a trigger this good. Here we are, with the Security-9 retailing for a little over half that number, and I think it’s as good as many guns now in the $500-600 range. The feel of the trigger is very similar, if not identical, to the one found in the Ruger LCP II, which is an excellent firearm unto itself.

I don’t really like that the rear sight is held in place by what looks like a large setscrew. I suppose this makes adjusting for windage easier, but I’d prefer a rear sight held in place by a firm dovetail only.

The grip feels quite good in my hand, with a texture that lends grip without removing skin. There are no ambi controls, which, as a right-handed person, I do not lose sleep over.

I had some friends shoot the Security-9 before I shot it and they didn’t like it very much, but they might be dumb, or perhaps they didn’t feel the plum Cerakote on the slide was manly enough for them. I like the plum color. Overall, I like the pistol quite a lot, and I’d still like it just as much if it cost more. It’s accurate, it shot very close to point of aim for me, it’s been reliable, it’s remarkably soft shooting compared to similarly sized pistols, and, yes, it costs around $300 in original, non-Cerakoted form as of the time of this writing. While I initially looked at this pistol with skepticism, I now look forward to putting more rounds downrange with it for the full Slickguns Review.

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