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First Look: Nighthawk Custom’s New 1911 – The President

First Look: Nighthawk Custom’s New 1911 – The President


Although the 1911 is a legendary pistol design that is more than a century old, one manufacturer refuses to let “legendary” equate “ancient” regarding firearm innovation. Nighthawk Custom has done it again with the release of the second pistol in their sharpshooting Boardroom Series lineup, appropriately named The President.

This 5-inch government 1911, is a shorter version of the Chairman and will be available with a gold or silver barrel. Knowing Nighthawk’s “one gun one gunsmith” philosophy, whereas each pistol is built from start to finish by a single gunsmith, then test fired to ensure it exceeds both The Nighthawk Standard and his own, this new 1911 will most certainly be a legend in its own right.

The President features windows and heavy angle lightning cuts in the slide as well as an aesthetically pleasing Titanium Gold Nitride Barrel which lend to both reliability and good looks on the competition range. This stunning pistol is available in multiple finishes, including Battle-Worn steel, Shadow Camo Urban, stainless steel, hard chrome, Battle-Worn Bronze, and custom Silver Patriot finish, complete with an American flag, which adds to the already bad-ass visual appeal to this gun.

Good-looks aside, the functionality of the President starts with its custom G10 grips designed in partnership with RailScales, and the ability to choose different grips depending on the shooter’s preference. Also, the slide creates significantly less felt-recoil, while also providing a longer sight radius, which of course means tighter grouping in target shooting.

Its government frame is sized right at an overall length of 8.58 inches, height of 5.75 inches and a weight of 38.2 ounces empty. This size, combined with a new, shorter barrel length of 5 inches and a hefty magazine capacity of ten 9mm rounds makes this 1911 a force to be reckoned with in duty or competition arenas.

For those who want a bit of luxury in a 1911, the President has it, with luxe details such as an 18K solid gold bead front sight. But don’t let the fanciness fool you, this golden sight is paired with a Heinie Ledge solid black rear sight, so accuracy is never sacrificed for vanity.

Although this is a gorgeous weapon, every detail has a purpose. For instance, racking the slide is as smooth as silk because of the heavily angled lightening cuts on the slide and the checkered front strap and mainspring housing. Actually, the whole pistol is smooth as silk as it is completely dehorned to remove all sharp edges, making it easily withdrawn and re-holstered in times of stress.

The trigger is a sight to behold as well, with its solid tri-cavity design and durable, lightweight aluminum construction. But it’s the light and crisp feel that will make you glad you plunked down the money for this elite pistol.

1911 purists might be satisfied, at least a little bit, with the President’s available caliber upgrades to .45 ACP at no cost. If you want to tack on a bit to the price, this pistol can also be changed to accept .38 Super or 10mm.

This gun offers everything a competitor would want in a 1911 but is just as useful for those who shoot occasionally. There’s a huge difference between this pistol and a mass-produced handgun, and you can feel it the second you hold one in your hand. Accuracy is outstanding, probably better than most people can shoot, slide racking is flawless, and fit and finish is impeccable. The President is an impressive pistol that will be as legendary as the Nighthawk 1911’s that came before it. This 1911 is a firearm you can pass down to the next generation. It’s built that well.

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