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ETS Enters the MP5 Market

ETS Enters the MP5 Market

The MP5 market, in general, is growing, and growing fast. Companies like Zenith pushed the MP5 market open, and now we are seeing models from Palmetto State Armory, PTR, and HK. As one market grows, so do others. The magazine market is getting a new competitor for example. Elite Tactical Systems, or ETS, is now producing and selling MP5 magazines. ETS is primarily known for their translucent Glock magazines in various calibers and configurations. They also produce AR 15 magazines and magazine loaders as well.

Their MP5 magazines follow the ETS tradition of being translucent and coming in a variety of capacities. These capacities include your standard 30 round magazines, as well as 40 rounders, and smaller 20 and 10 rounders. The MP5 magazines retain the same qualities of their Glock magazines by being resistant to the heat, cold, and UV. They are also resistant to harsh chemicals and impact. The ETS MP5 magazines are also compatible with the ETSCAM Rifle speed loaders.

ETS does warranty their magazines for life and the transparent body structure does give you a means to see how much ammo you have in a flash. The magazines are reportedly optimized to run with hollow points.

My experience with ETS has always been positive. I run their 31 round Glock magazines in some carbine and pistol platforms and have no bad experiences. I’ve run them hard and let him smash on concrete over and over without issue. I have a few of their AR 15 magazines as well and like the built-in magazine couplers that allow you to attach two or more magazines together easily.

I’ve yet to hit any issues with either their AR 15 or Glock magazines. I will say their magazine loader is also fantastic, and very affordable. In fact, affordability is the bread and butter of ETS magazines. Their MP5 magazines are undoubtedly competitive with others on the market and priced right around the same as POF magazines. Their 40 rounders are where the real value hits since most 40 rounders I’ve seen are priced at around 60 bucks each.

The MSRP for the ETS MP5 magazines are as follows:

40 round Magazine – $44.99
30 round Magazine – $39.99
20 round Magazine – $39.99
10 round magazine – $39.99

ETS MP5 30 and 40 round magazines are available now, but the 20 and 10 rounders should be out soon. It’s nice to see small companies take on larger projects. I, like many, would love to see magazines for popular platforms like the Scorpion, MPX, MP5, and others. ETS makes some exciting followers, including followers with tritium added to allow you to see your capacity in the dark. Maybe we’ll see those for the MP5 platform. I look forward to seeing these magazines in action, and if I’m curious if anyone else has had good experiences or bad experiences with ETS mags, so let us know below.

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