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Browning Summer Blast – Expires 07/15/18

Browning Summer Blast – Expires 07/15/18

Summer is right around the corner and while hunting season is over it’s time to get out and bust clays, pop tin cans, and have fun with your guns. Defrost a bit, sharpen your skills and hit the range with a few firearms from Browning. I never thought I’d forgive Browning for discontinuing the Hi-Power, but maybe I can try.

For those looking for a new shotgun, Browning is offering $100 back on the purchase of any over/under or autoloading shotgun. This rebate is just in time for hitting a few games of trap or skeet. Browning shotguns are famed for their excellent features, their elegant design, as well as their natural handling. They are also gorgeous shotguns and perform as good as they look. A hundred bucks back is about 500 rounds of birdshot.

For the rest of the potential Browning owners out there you can get $50.00 back on the purchase of any Browning centerfire rifle, pump action shotgun, or rimfire rifle. That’s an excellent little bit of ammo, and $50 bucks is $50 bucks.

Browning has been killing it lately with the rebates, and they are one of the few high-end companies out there that’s willing o offer rebates. You can redeem these rebates at Check kit out now, and remember Omaha Outdoors is your favorite Browning dealer. The rebate begins on purchases on or after May 20th until July 15th, 2018.

Expires 07/15/18

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