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Kris Brown

Brady president Kris Brown (courtesy

File this one under ‘Never let a crisis go to waste.’ Kris Brown of the Brady Campaign along with her fellow flying monkeys at the CSGV and Team ENOUGH are spinning up a little fund raiser online rally this afternoon to take advantage of Wednesday’s riot and incursion at the Capitol.

Never mind that no one other than law enforcement had guns during the melee Wednesday. Oh wait…one person was arrested a mile and half away from the Capitol for illegal gun possession, but he’s allegedly an Antifa member.

…Robert Grimes, 54, of Cadillac says his son is not a supporter of President Donald Trump and should not be associated with those Trump supporters who stormed the U.S. Capitol building. His son keeps an eye on groups such as the Proud Boys and was there to protest the Trump faction, he said.

“We’re a very progressive liberal family … if there’s any reason my son was even present, it’s because of his stand against what a lot of those folks who did horrible things yesterday (believe) — and I’m still sick to my stomach (from) when I saw it on TV last night.”

So despite the fact that virtually no one at the Capitol other than law enforcement was armed on Wednesday, as the Brady tweet above makes clear, “we must immediately take enact (sic) to guard against further violent attacks — and gun safety underlies all of them.”

As you undoubtedly know, in the modern newspeak dictionary, “gun safety” means restrictions on civilian gun ownership and use. And the way Brady and their co-conspirators see it, anything that takes place anywhere in the US, is, at heart, a justification or excuse to further limit Second Amendment rights.

The anti-gun coven convenes at 5:00p Eastern, 4:00p central today and is open to everyone, TTAG readers included. How much fun would it be if most of the attendees were supporters of the right to keep and bear arms? You can attend via Facebook Live here.

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