As expected, President BidenHarris appeared before the cameras and a limited press contingent this morning to announce his first moves in further limiting Americans’ right to keep and bear arms. Grampy Joe, along with VP Kamala Harris and Attorney General Merrick Garland, laid out the initial gun control moves he wants his administration to make.

Harris introduces the President as a leader of “great will, great determination, great empanty” who will “never give up on this fight.”

Kamal Harris
Courtesy White House

For his part once Biden doddered up to the microphone, he made a point of dismissing any run rights objections to what he’s trying to do, announcing that none of his actions announced today impinge on the Second Amendment. He said, it’s “bizarre” to even think that any of today’s moves are contrary to the Constitution.

In short, today President BidenHarris waived away the concerns of anyone who cares about their ability to own the tools they need to protect themselves and their families and declared war on America’s gun owners.

The directions he’s given to the Department of Justice — sketch out a regulatory frameworks for requiring background checks on purchases of 80% frames, lowers and build kits (he wants them serialized), arbitrarily decide when a combination of an AR or AK pistol kit combined with an arm brace can be deemed a short barrel rifle and regulated under the NFA, and design the “ideal” red flag confiscation law — were just as revealed in last night’s “fact sheet” release.

The government cash thrown at urban areas for “violence interruptors” and other utterly useless feel-good programs, along with a new annual report on firearms trafficking in the U.S. are the usual meaningless, feel-good, I-can-say-I-did-a-few-more-things, types of government “actions” that are part for the course.

Grampy McUnity also came out in support of the House-passed bills to close the gun show and Charleston “loopholes” and called on the Senate to pass them, along with the Violence Against Women Act. He also repeated the bold-faced lie that the gun industry “is the only industry that can’t be sued,” calling for an end to the PLCAA. He said if he could have only one of his anti-gun wishes granted, THAT would be the one.

Joe couldn’t leave the lectern without calling, yet again, for another “assault weapons” ban. “There’s no reason someone needs a weapon of war with 100 rounds, 100 bullets that it can fire. No one needs that,” he said.

Finally, however, President BidenHarris managed to surprise those of us who watch these things while simultaneously raising a prominent middle finger at America’s gun owners and those who care about gun rights, when he announced last night that he’d nominate David Chipman to be the next Director of the ATF.

Giffords David Chipman ATF
ATF Director nominee David Chipman (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Chipman, again, is currently on the Giffords gun control operation payroll. Before that, he was a senior advisor for Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown civilian disarmament advocacy shop.

Oh, and prior to that, he had put in 25 years at the ATF, including some distinguished service in Waco, Texas in 1993.

As we noted this morning, Chipman is someone who thinks America’s most popular rifle, the AR-15, should be regulated exactly the same way as machine guns are under the NFA. That’s the baseline from which he’s operating.

So by nominating Chipman — an Everytown and Giffords alum and dedicated gun control advocate, President McUnity has announced clearly for to anyone who cares to pay attention that he doesn’t give a damn about American’s gun rights, their concerns for federal attempts to outlaw at least some of their firearms or Second Amendment. He really is coming for your guns and he isn’t making any bones about it.

The ATF has mostly operated under interim Directors over the last decade or so — they haven’t had one since 2015 — as Presidents couldn’t seem to find nominees that would clear the Senate’s confirmation process. Chipman, should be another one of these casualties. It’s hard to imagine a worse nominee — short of Michael Bloomberg himself — if you care at all about civilian gun ownership in this country.

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