Wednesday, 17 Oct 2018
Author: Travis Pike
ETS Enters the MP5 Market

ETS Enters the MP5 Market

The MP5 market, in general, is growing, and growing fast. Companies like Zenith pushed the MP5 market open, and now we are seeing models from Palmetto State Armory, PTR, and HK. As one market grows, so do others. The magazine

Lone Wolf Grey Man Pistol on wood table

Lone Wolf Unveils the Grey Man Gun

Lone Wolf has come a long way. What started as an aftermarket parts company has developed into a custom powerhouse. They’ve gotten to the point where they’ve gone past modifying Glock into making them. From frames to barrels and slides

Ya’ Boy with an ACOG equipped M249 Helmand Province Afg 2009

Best ACOG Scopes [The Ultimate Guide]

If you told me today that I was going to war, and I had to choose my kit right now…do you know what optic I would take? I’d bypass all the Eotechs, Aimpoints, Nightforces, Leupolds, and Schmidt and Benders of

Magpul Expands Product Line to Eyewear

Magpul Expands Product Line to Eyewear

Magpul is a company plenty of people love to hate. Even among the haters, I’ve rarely ever heard someone say their gear is downright bad. My only beef is the sale of the Masada to Freedom Group. Magpul expands yearly,

What Is SIG and the Army Up To?

What Is SIG and the Army Up To?

Hot on the cancellation of the Army subcompact weapon competition we are seeing an odd order from SIG. SIG is already supplying the new XM17/18 to every branch of the military, and hopefully the Space Force. They were, of course,

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