Friday, 6 Dec 2019
Author: Kristin Alberts
Winchester Snow Goose

Winchester Hits Hard with Xpert Snow Goose Ammo

Winchester Snow Goose brings an ammo offering for dedicated waterfowlers looking for American made ammo. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/ Chasing the sky-darkening flocks of migrating snow geese means one thing for hardcore waterfowlers—high-volume shooting. In the past, the majority of such


The Dream of Africa: on Safari’s Kristin Alberts spent two weeks on Safari in South Africa alongside hunting partner Stan Pate. There they harvested 16 animals between them — 13 different species from Springbok to Cape Buffalo and everything in between. Here are a few

What Defines a Dangerous Game Rifle?

What Defines a Dangerous Game Rifle?

A Cape Buffalo taken by Stan Pate while on African Safari. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/ Every year, professional hunters and clients alike are injured or killed by dangerous game. When lives, livelihoods and often expensive trips are on the line, it’s

Norma ammunition

Norma Ammunition Targets American Hunting Market

Norma ammo claimed this beautiful Red Hartebeest at almost 385 yards with one clean shot. (Photo: Stan Pate/ CHECK OUT NORMA AMMUNTION AT Slickguns.COM While names like Federal Premium, Hornady and Winchester dominate ammo shelves in the States, Norma is