Sunday, 17 Nov 2019
Author: John
IV8888 Range Day 2019: Our Favorite Guns

IV8888 Range Day 2019: Our Favorite Slickguns

Chances are, you’re probably familiar with Iraq Veteran8888. IV8888 and his awesome AK-47 Meltdown! With close to 2.5 million subs, he’s a bit of a powerhouse in the guntube community – putting out historical firearm content and sometimes firing Slickguns

Suppressed Barrett .50 Cal

Triggrcon 2019: Range Report

We shot a bunch of fun stuff at the 2019 Triggrcon Range day. Suppressed Barrett .50 Cal So let’s just get to it with some quick videos and small paragraphs. Alphabetical order… Barrett By far the longest line of any