Thursday, 12 Dec 2019
Author: Jacki Billings

Barnaul Releases “Grooved” .30-06 Splfd Cartridge

Barnual comes at the .30-06 Springfield game with a new grooved design. (Photo: Barnual) CHECK OUT BARNUAL AMMO ON Slickguns.COM Russian-based ammo maker Barnaul launched a new .30-06 Springfield hunting round, complete with a grooved steel-cased design. The .30-06 features


The Buck of a Lifetime: A Hunting Story

The view from Nick Kussoff’s hunting spot. (Photo: Nick Kussoff) is interviewing hunters and collecting stories on memorable hunts from around the country. Sometimes a buck comes into your life at just the right moment. For Nick Kussoff that moment

FN 509

How to Install a Red Dot on the FN 509

FN rolled out its latest iteration in the FN 509 series, introducing consumers to the MRD Midsize model capable of supporting a red dot. FN does all the heavy lifting in terms of providing what you need to get started


Building an AK-47 with Lee Armory

Though I am admittedly a pistol girl through and through, I have dabbled in AR-15s like most Slickgun owners. Like adult Legos, these Slickguns piece together quickly and easily. When the opportunity to try my hand at building my own