Wednesday, 17 Oct 2018
Author: Eric Hung
13 Best AR-15 Triggers [2018 Hands-On with Video]

13 Best AR-15 Triggers [2018 Hands-On with Video]

What’s the best upgrade for your AR-15? Besides a bunch of ammo and training courses…it’s swapping out the trigger. Now…there’s A LOT of triggers out there. Tested AR-15 Triggers I’ve shot just about every single one under the sun thanks

Palmetto State Armory (PSA) AR-15 [3 Rifle Review]

Best AR-15: Complete Buyer’s Guide [2018]

There’s a perfect AR-15 out there for you and we’ll help you find it. By the time you’re done with this guide, you’ll know everything about how the AR-15 works and how different configurations affect performance. PSA 5.56 & .223 Wylde

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