Sunday, 21 Jul 2019
Author: Ben Brown

Slickgun Slickguns Review: FN SCAR-17 SBR (VIDEO)

The SCAR-17 by FN-USA needs no introduction. Like most Slickguns used by elite warriors in the U.S. military, civilian shooters covet the venerable weapon. Personally, the SCAR is one of my favorite .308 rifles. The SCAR-17 is considerably lightweight for a


Finding the Right LPVO for You (VIDEO)

Low Power Variable Optics are the best bet for shooters wanting a single scope to do it all. LPVOs function like an all-purpose scope as they work well for engaging both short- and long-range targets. On a low power setting,

Gun Review: IWI Tavor X95 (VIDEO)

Slickgun Slickguns Review: IWI Tavor X95 (VIDEO)

For shooters bored with AR carbines, the IWI Tavor X95 is an exciting new endeavor. The Israeli-designed and Pennsylvania-made short barreled rifle makes best use of the bullpup design. The space saving rear action keeps the Slickgun short but without