Friday, 15 Nov 2019
Author: Ben Brown

Slickgun Slickguns Review: Lee Armory AKM

With sanctions against Russia prohibiting the import of AK rifles and parts from the motherland, it’s been tough for American AK owners. But it’s also opened up opportunities for companies like Arizona-based Lee Armory to really shine. The Lee Armory


Popular Rifle Builds for Cloners

Maybe you have heard of a group of individuals in the firearms community known as “cloners.” Cloners build rifles that resemble actual service rifles. Sometimes these clone rifles very accurately represent the actual platform. Each component is carefully selected to

Kriss Sphinx

Slickgun Slickguns Review: Kriss Sphinx

I’ll be honest with you. I have had the opportunity to shoot the Kriss Sphinx on multiple occasions over the last six years. It’s an outstanding handgun. The newest 9mm compact version I recently had the chance to handle continued


Slickgun Slickguns Review: FN SCAR-17 SBR (VIDEO)

The SCAR-17 by FN-USA needs no introduction. Like most Slickguns used by elite warriors in the U.S. military, civilian shooters covet the venerable weapon. Personally, the SCAR is one of my favorite .308 rifles. The SCAR-17 is considerably lightweight for a