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Academy Manager Tackles Gun Thief – Gets Fired and Rehired

Academy Manager Tackles Gun Thief – Gets Fired and Rehired

Rarely does something interesting happen in my neck of the woods but recently my local Academy experienced a national news story regarding a gun theft and subsequent recovery of a Glock 27. Our story starts with a man named Jason White, who decided he needed a gun and had an interesting way of acquiring one. He’d just take it.

Allegedly Mr. White had stolen two guns previously from a local pawn shop and decided he needed one more. He entered Academy Outdoors with his eyes on a Glock 27. Interestingly enough no one told him 40 S&W is so 90s and the cool kids are all walking around strapped with a 9. Mr. White asked to handle a Glock 27 and then brazenly put the gun in his backpack and headed for the door.

The Academy manager Dean Crouch was not having any of that. The unarmed manager tackled the thief before he made it out the door. Police found not only the Glock, but five boxes of 40 S&W and some reports also say he had some additional magazines.

Dean Crouch must have a hard time walking around with those massive balls he has. Unfortunately, he had to walk out of Academy since they fired him… Seriously, corporate said Mr. Crouch’s heroic actions “inconsistent with our corporate policies.” Now, this luckily made national news. Regardless of your stance on gun rights, there seems to be an agreement that criminals shouldn’t have them.

Mr. White later told police that “I stole and I admit to it,” and followed it up with, “I will steal again when I get out of jail.” He apparently needed the gun to protect himself and his family from an unknown threat.

After a massive amount of backlash from both gun rights advocates and everyone else Academy wisely rehired Mr. Crouch. The company declined to comment on why, but its pretty apparent they were facing a ridiculous PR nightmare. What I really hope is that Mr. Crouch got a little raise, and maybe an apology. He certainly deserves both, as well as our praise. Maybe Academy should consider letting a few employees carry. Let’s be real though that is not going to happen.

From me to you Mr. Crouch, kudos, and good job. Keep on keeping on.

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