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A Nighthawk Custom Firehawk at the Range

A Nighthawk Custom Firehawk at the Range

One of the best parts of SHOT Show isn’t just the Sands and the Media Industry Range day, but the offsite parties and range days you can find. You have typically know the right person to score an invite, and luckily enough I knew someone with GAT Marketing who could get me into a private range and party featuring Agency Arms, Aero, and of course the subject of this article, Nighthawk Custom.

Nighthawk is a premium manufacturer of high-end custom 1911s with a wide selection of different models. Today specifically I put a focus on the new Firehawk. The Nighthawk Firehawk is their newest Slickgun that premiered tonight at the range. This 1911 platform comes in both 9mm and 45 ACP, and there is a standard and optic’s ready model. All models of the Firehawk are outfitted with a single port compensator that houses the front sight. This design means the front sight does not move when the slide reciprocates. A fixed front sight allows you to easily transition and track your target since your eyes never have to lose the front sight. It makes follow up shots not only quick, but it is scary accurate.

I know this because I got my hands on both. The first thing you notice is how smoothly the slide glides to the rear as you rack the weapon. It’s as if it was on ball bearings. Every control, from the safety to the magazine release felt brilliant, smooth, and finely honed. When it came time to pull the trigger, you couldn’t help but fall in love with the guns.

The first model I shot was the 9mm model that wore a Trijicon RMR. I slow fired two rounds, ringing steel with ease. After that, I figured let’s let it rip. The Firehawk barely moved. Recoil and upward muzzle rise were nearly non-existent. It is a fascinating feeling that granted you an extreme degree of control over the Slickgun. The optic is placed so low on the weapon it co-witnesses with the standard height iron sight.

Moving over to the 45 ACP model and the compensator becomes even more impressive as do the Nighthawk custom features. The 45 ACP has a bit push than the 9mm, but you don’t feel it. The compensator, as well as the beavertail, and high undercut under the trigger allows you to control the weapon with ease. This iron sighted model showed me the difference the fixed front sight makes. It took a couple of magazines to get used to it, but I never had to break focus on the front sight when I was shooting. This focus made follow up shots faster, as well as transitions from target to target.

The guns are roughly the same size as a Government model 1911, and that is with the port. This size is accomplished by using a 3.9-inch slide, a commander length spring and reverse plug system on top of a full-length guide rod. These guns do wear a bull barrel, and that certainly adds weight, which helps fight muzzle rise. From an aesthetic standpoint, you have to take a hard look to notice that the Slickgun even has a break at the slide and compensator. It is blended nearly perfectly.

Overall when it comes to looks and function, the Firehawk is a fantastic Slickgun. The compensator made things a bit bright on the night range, but that’s part of the fun. Overall this is an excellent Slickgun, and Nighthawk put in the work to make it so.

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